Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton

The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton

The Quality of Silence is advertised as a mystery, but the main focus of the novel is on the family dynamics between Ruby, her mother, and her father. In order to show this, the events of the story were dragged out much further than they should have been. This greatly affected the end of the book when even though they found Ruby's father and figured out who had killed the whole town, it was never completely resolved. The family was happily back together, but they were stuck in the freezing wilderness of Alaska, with only a hope of rescue. There is a suggestion that help is on the way, but it isn't clear. Reading this as a mystery novel, I was disappointed by the lack of action and resolution.
Ruby is 10 years old, and deaf, which makes her a very interesting character to write from the perspective of. But writing from the perspective of a young child is a difficult thing to do, and I'm not sure Rosamund Lupton was able to do it correctly. For a 10 year old who also has an impairment that would affect her learning to some degree, Ruby seems to know too much - some things that I'm not even sure adults would know. I mean, maybe she's a really intelligent girl, but it wasn't really believable to me. It could have worked if there was more background about her.
I did enjoy this book, however, despite the issues that I had with it.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blog Tour Stop: Fighter Girl by Kathryn James AND GIVEAWAY

Fighter Girl by Kathryn James

Publication Date: May 17, 2016

Publisher: Swoon Romance

It began three days ago with a fight. Seems that for me, everything begins with a fight...

Sammy Jo may be strong, fast and tough, even in heels, but she gets into trouble when she fights some local thugs to save a rich boy named Gregory.

Now bad guy McCloud is after her - and he's even more dangerous than her forbidden love for Gregory.

**Fighter Girl was published in the United Kingdom under the title GYPSY GIRL.

"Full of action, romance, humour and fighting for what is important in your life. I read this in one sitting and couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Loved every minute of it!" - Sabah's Amazon review

Kathryn lives in Leicester with her family, writing full time (and loves that!) Kathryn always wanted to become an author and wrote her first story at age eight. But it took quite a while and lots of different jobs before she got published. She's worked with gypsy and traveller children, working from a converted bus with a rainbow on the side, doing video and photography projects, and documenting travelling lives. Mist draws on and is influenced by her work with this community. She's also written scripts for a local video production company, many of them for children and teenagers.

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Release Day Celebration: Emerge by Tobie Easton with Giveaway

Happy Release Day to Emerge by Tobie Easton!
Join us in celebrating this new release from Month9Books!

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Happy Book Birthday, Tobie!

Emerge (Mer Chronicles #1) by Tobie Easton

Publication Date: April 19, 2016

Publisher: Month9Books

Lia Nautilus may be a Mermaid, but she’s never lived in the ocean. Ever since the infamous Little Mermaid unleashed a curse that stripped Mer of their immortality, war has ravaged the Seven Seas.So Lia has grown up in a secret community of land-dwelling Mer hidden among Malibu’s seaside mansions. Her biggest problems are surviving P.E. and keeping her feelings for Clay Ericson in check. Sure, he’s gorgeous in that cocky, leather jacket sort of way and makes her feel like there’s a school of fish swimming in her stomach, but getting involved with a human could put Lia's entire community at risk. So it’s for the best that he’s dating that new girl, right?

That is, until Lia finds out she isn't the only one at school keeping a potentially deadly secret. And this new girl? Her eyes are dead set on Clay, who doesn't realize the danger he's in. If Lia hopes to save him, she’ll have to get closer to Clay than ever. Lia’s parents would totally flip if they found out she was falling for a human boy, but the more time she spends with Clay, the harder it is for Lia to deny her feelings.  After making a horrible mistake, Lia will risk everything to stop Clay from falling in love with the wrong girl.

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Tobie Easton was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she’s grown from a little girl who dreamed about magic to a twenty-something who writes about it. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of Southern California, Tobie hosts book clubs for tweens and teens. She and her very kissable husband enjoy traveling the globe and fostering packs of rescue puppies. Learn more about Tobie and her upcoming books at:

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Demon Princess by Kassandra Lynn

Demon Princess by Kassandra Lynn

This book was a pleasant surprise. I didn't expect it to be bad, but I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Demon Princess was a quick read that wasn't difficult to get through.

Adrianna doesn't want to be the Demon King, but since her father and brother are missing, she knows it is her duty. But she definitely doesn't expect to be summoned out of the throne room at her coronation and end up in the human world.
A mage-in-training, Aldric must summon a beast from the demon world to complete his schooling and succeed at being a mage. But when he summons Adrianna, he - and everyone else - is very can a human be summoned for this? Adrianna knows that she must keep her identity as the future Demon King a secret, especially when she realizes who some of the students around her are. Breaking the bond shouldn't be too difficult, she thinks, since Aldric hates her as much as she hates him. Could it really be that easy, though? With the help of an unexpected friend, a skeptical enemy, and a hired mercenary, Adrianna begins a quest to break the summon bond she has with Aldric before the humans discover her identity and the demons realize she has been taken. 

One reason I was skeptical about this book is the idea of a demon main character that is portrayed as "good", when demons are supposed to be evil. Though it's still a bit odd to me, it seems that in the world the author has created, "demons" aren't what we think of as demons (such as in the Bible), but just another mythical creature/race that happens to have the same name. They do have negative connotations in general in the book, but not all of them are evil.

I don't recall any swearing in this novel, and there is no sex...just a couple suggestive remarks by other characters about Adrianna, but nothing actually happens at all.

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the rest of the books in the series because this one was so good.

**I received this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Martian by Andy Weir

Title: The Martian
Author: Andy Weir
Genre: Science Fiction

I really enjoyed this book. It took me a few months, but that's not because of boredom or anything...I just go through cycles, where I read 5 books in a month, and then one book in 5 months...and it just happened so that The Martian was one that took [not actually] 5 months.

There was quite a bit of swearing, which I didn't like, but it definitely helped show the personality of Mark Watney and the type of situation he was in. I also appreciated Mark's sense of humour.

Sex was only "mentioned" a few times. Once when the wife of an astronaut wanted her husband to come home, once when a couple was getting teased about being together secretly (when everyone actually knew), once when Mark randomly wished to meet the Queen of Mars since he hadn't seen women in forever, and...I can't remember the other one but I swear it was there...

Andy Weir did a great job of planning out his novel.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading The Martian and will probably read it again when I have time after I finish my mile-long to-read list.

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** I received this book for free from Broadway Books in exchange for my honest review

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Becoming Darkness by Lindsay Frances Brambles

My rating: 3 stars

In an alternate history, the Allies did not win World War II. Hitler wins, but mostly because of the creation of a virus that does one of three things to humans-kills them, turns them into vampires, or does nothing (if you are immune). A small colony of Immunes is all that is left of humanity, as Hitler and his Nazi vampires rule the earth. Sophie is an Immune living in Haven and after the murder of her best friend, she realizes that the world is not what the people of Haven have been led to believe it is-there is a dark secret guarded from the citizens, and Sophie is determined to figure out the truth and expose the lies.

In the beginning, the narration jumps around between past and present and I found it kind of confusing (though I might have been able to follow it better if it was a physical copy of the book instead of an ebook that I read).

Sophie is 17, and in love with a vampire-who is definitely not 17 since he is immortal. Val is different from most of the other vampires, though, and he loves her back. But it's still weird. There are implications that they have sex-sometimes in the back of a limo. [ And of course since Sophie is pregnant at the end, the obviously had sex sometime. I mean I think. Could have been a virgin birth since this wasn't explained AT ALL. Which is a huge thing I had a problem with. This really needed to be explained more... 

This story was a great concept, and I really liked it, but I think it could have been shorter with more explanation to what was going on...and it ended in a way that SHOULD produce a sequel, but I guess we will have to wait and find out...

*I received this book as a free ebook galley from the publisher in return for my honest review

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Charming Selene by Dee King

Title: Charming Selene
Author: Dee King
Series: The Charming Series
Genre: Fantasy
My Rating: 1 Star

The writing in this book is pretty terrible, and so is the story. I'm not big into dumb romance stories where all the characters care about is hooking up with someone they are obsessed with, but since this book was free on Amazon for a few days, I decided I'd give it a try.
Honestly, Dee King desperately needs an editor. A better one, anyway. The issue might partially be because of how Kindle books are formatted, but the grammar, punctuation, and writing style are horrendous. The story could probabaly be enjoyable if it was written better, but all I can do while reading it is mentally rewrite it and pretend someday I will get the privilege of editing.
Selene is obsessed  with Alex. And she hates Sebastian. But then she agrees to go to Sebastian's house for the party he is hosting and doesn't seem to care much when Alex starts paying attention to her.
Then at the party, things get really weird, and Selene think she has been drugged. Alex, Sebastian, and Cali keep telling her things that don't make sense - things about her being some sort of goddess or "migades." I don't know what that is supposed to mean, but since this is a fantasy novel, I assumed that it would be made at least somewhat clean soon, since it seems to be a huge part of the story. But it's not. The connection or distinction between gods/goddesses and whatever this "migades" thing is has not been explained, though Mount Olympus was mentioned. Since I didn't recognize the term "migades" from my brie studies of Greek Mythology, I looked up the word. But "migades" is apparently not even a word anywhere on the internet.
I don't want to stop reading this book because Dee King is an independent author and I want to support her, but I don't know if I can force myself through the rest of it...

Deep Time by Trevor Baxendale

Title: Deep Time
Author: Trevor Baxendale
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Broadway
My Rating: 4 Stars

I love how I can hear the voices of the Doctor and Clara while I am reading because they are such well defined characters with the connection to the show.
This story would make a truly frightening episode in the series, seeing how many characters died in horrific ways. (Moffat, make this into an episode instead of all the dumb stories you're making now...)
You have probably gotten the impression that I have some issues with the writing of the recent episodes in the series, and I think that has some influence on the writing of this book. The Doctor seems to no longer care about saving people as much as he did in the past, and doesn't even always care about himself. In this novel, when the clone, Jem, is suffering from her mental connection to the space ship, the Doctor does not seem to care that she is in pain and close to dying, and instead her keeps her connected for much longer than she is comfortable with, hoping to get information from her.
I don't understand why the Doctor has suddenly changed to this attitude. I know people have said that it's because he is older and more like the original incarnation of the Doctor, but going with the story line...he should be the happiest Doctor, considering he just found out that his planet and his people hadn't been destroyed after all!
Anyway...back to the book. I think it was written very well, despite all my complaints about how the Doctor's character is now portrayed. The story was exciting and I enjoyed reading it. I do wish that the characters had been more developed, however. It would have made their death scenes much more devastating and meaningful if we had a connection to them, or at least we saw their own connections to each other more drawn out. Overall, when the the book was over, I liked it much better than I thought I would.

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**I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn

Title: Voices of Dragons
Author: Carrie Vaughn
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: HarperTeen
My Rating: 3 Stars

    I tried reading this book years ago and never finished because I was bothered by Kay's friend's obsession with sex. However, I decided to return to the novel and this time I actually finished it.
    Dragons are awesome, and that is why I continued reading this book. It's a friendship between Kay-a teenage girl-and Artegal-a dragon. Sounds wonderful, right? But the author's writing style seemed far less sophisticated than I would have liked and there were a few times when the grammar/word usage was incorrect.
    Despite her best friend Tam's obsession with having sex with her boyfriend and trying to get Kay to do the same, Kay didn't really ever want to. At all. With the information given to us by the author, I think it may be safe to say that Kay is asexual, which is really cool because there aren't many books with ace characters.
   The ending....*sigh*. This book wasn't really resolved at all. And there is no sequel to my knowledge. Carrie Vaughn wrote another YA book-Steel-soon after Voices of Dragons and it has nothing to do with this story. She has also continued to publish her adult novels, so it doesn't seem like we will ever get a sequel or find out what happened to Kay and Artegal and the war between dragons and humanity.
    In the back of the book, there is an author's note, saying that Ms. Vaughn had this idea of "Kay riding a dragon and dodging cops." But it didn't work out the way she had planned so she changed the story and made Kay a teenager. I really wish I could read the original version...and that the writing style would have been more advanced.
I think I enjoyed Steel better.

**Update-Ms. Vaughn has said that she wants to write a sequel, but the publisher doesn't want to publish it and she has too many other book contracts to fulfill.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Drosten's Curse by A.L. Kennedy

**While reading my review, please keep in mind that I have a very limited knowledge of Classic Who and the Fourth Doctor.

Title: The Drosten's Curse
Author: A.L. Kennedy
Genre: Science Fiction
My Rating: 4 Stars

I enjoyed reading this book. It was written in a different style than I am used to, though it reminded me a bit of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's writing (perhaps just because they write differently than I am used to as well, I don't know)
When I started The Drosten's Curse, I didn't think that the Doctor was written at all like the Doctor usually acts. However, I didn't notice it that much as I got father into the book, and it also could have been that I just don't know the Fourth Doctor well enough to recognize his habits and mannerisms.
I really liked Bryony and Putta. They were great characters, very funny (especially when interacting with each other), and if I was the type of person to ship characters, I would probably ship them.
The antagonist in this novel was very interesting.  Conflicts in science fiction are always much more interesting when the opposing entity isn't actually "evil", they are just influenced to be so because of how they receive information. (However, this can also make the stories 10 times scarier-like The Empty Child)
Some of this book was confusing, though, and at parts it seemed to drag on...Honestly, I thought that at page 80 it could have just ended and been a novella if some of the details had been tweaked a bit.

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I received this book from the Blogging For Books program in exchange for my honest review.