Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Son of Neptune: New Characters Revealed

Several new characters from the Heros of Olympus have been revealed. There parents have not yet been revealed, but it is fun to guess who they are:




Ella the Harpy:



What rick riordan says about each new person:
Hazel- 'Meet Hazel, a girl with a complicated past. Demigod? Yes. Is that horse important? You bet. Hazel has powers you have never seen before, because her godly parent is on the Roman side. But (major hint) she is related to a character you know well from the Percy Jackson series.Which one? I think that will surprise you.'

Thanatos- 'You will meet many gods in The Son of Neptune, but here's a fellow most mortals would prefer not to meet: Thanatos, the god of death. What part will he play, and what's up with those chains? For that, you will have to wait for the book.'
Ella- '. . . This week we meet Ella, a very special harpy who might hold some valuable secrets. But what secrets, and will she be willing to share them?'
Octavian- '. . . Time for another character reveal from The Son of Neptune! Meet Octavian and his unfortunate collection of stuffed animal friends. What Octavian's story? You can get some hints at the Heroes of Olympus website, but only time will tell if he's friend or foe, and what part he will play.'

Reyna- 'Time for our second character reveal for The Son of Neptune. Meet Reyna, with her automaton hounds Aurum and Argentium. Reyna's godly parent? Hint: it's a god you haven't met yet. Is Reyna powerful? Yes. Are those hounds deadly? Yes. Will she be friend or foe to Percy Jackson? Ah, that's a good question.'

Frank- 'Who is Frank's godly parent? What are Frank's powers? You may be surprised. In fact, Frank may be surprised. But he has a very important part to play in The Son of Neptune.'

So, who do you think their parents are? Post your guesses below and we will see who is right on 4 October
when The Son of Neptune releases!


  1. I think that frank is somehow related to Diana because her symbol is a she bear, hmmmm, reyna tough nut to crack but I think she may be a daughter of Persephone, that would make her very powerful since persephone has the power of the under world and is a queen and haspower over minerals and springtime. I'm not really sure on hazel but she has a Calvery sword so that makes me think mars, or Demeter for the name and her horse because there is a myth that Demeter could turn inti a horse and that Poseidon sired a stallion by her called arion he was a talking horse.

  2. Ive read the book! Hee Hee!

  3. The book is so awesome so far! I love Rick Riordan.. I came here to see the characters and WOW! how different they are... O.O

    1. i thought the charaters were so differnet than the book

  4. Iam so glad i read it. it was so fun to meet Rick Rioridan.

  5. I LUUUUUVVVVVVVVVVV percy jackson. MY fave books ever. And your blog is sooo fun. Thanks for being here!

  6. How can I miss this post? It's awesome! If I haven't read the Son of Neptune already, it would've killed me!