Wednesday, April 17, 2013

100 Things That Make Me Smile

The idea for this comes from Solace Utara over a Prophets of the Force. The real credit goes to everyone who makes this list possible by making me smile. (and sometimes, that is Solace, with her awesome posts!) :D

1. Having a nice time with my family; with no fighting or arguing about stupid stuff.

2. Nights when I actually have free-time and can read or do something other than try to do my work on my computer which is too slow.

3. When I find a book at the library that has an amazing plot line, tons of action, minimal language, and no mature content.

4. When I realise that I have somehow-miraculously-avoided being shipped with anyone by my friends.

5. Watching Star Wars.

6. Watching a sword fight.

7. Going to public places wearing a fandom t-shirt and meeting people who are just as obsessed as you.

8. When a drawing project of mine comes out right.

9. Everytime I look at my profile picture on Facebook.

10. Listening to songs like Skyrim and the Star Wars Main Theme

11. Playing the Word Game on Facebook with the Outliers. :)

12. Those random moments in public places when you realise that it doesn't matter what other people think, so you just do whatever.

13. Having random conversations about crazy things that make no sense.

15. Listening to the Pandorica Speech.

<--This may or may not be the right one...sorry if it's not... **UPDATE: Yep...that's the one...don't sit around waiting for it to's a ten-hour loop...haha

16. This picture:

17. Dreaming about dragons.

18. Singing along to music that I like.

19. Playing my flute

20. Playing Across the Stars on the piano.

21. When a teacher quotes a movie I love.

22. Eating a bagel when I want to eat a bagel (there...I said it...).

23. My cats.

24. Horses.

25. Finding fandom t-shirts.

26. Playing Balderdash with the Outliers...and then quoting the results months later.

27. Play rehearsals.

28. The TARDIS

29. Falling off my chair laughing at something someone said on Facebook.

30. Making this list.

31. The Piano Guys

32. Cosplay

33. Doing my hair like a favourite character (i.e. Padme)

34. Listening to How To Train Your Dragon being read by David Tennant

35. Going to the finals in Mock Trial

36. Playing badminton

37. When we start singing "Blunt the Knives" at the dinner table.

38. "Mordor University"

39. Finding that my favourite bloggers have posted.

40. Singing songs in the middle of the Word Game on Facebook.

41. Imagining what it would be like to be completely crazy one day and just do everything that I would never do because it would be embarrassing.

42. Coming up with a better argument than the person you are arguing with.

43. "Reading messy as something else is not god."

44. When I wake up in the morning and realise that I got a good night sleep.

45. This:

46. Always ♥

47. R2-D2

48. Going to Comic-Con.

49. Reading the Nerd Problems like these:

^ yep...that's how I'm grounded...losing my books...

50. Realising just how big the fandom world is.

51. When God takes something that's bothering me away, and I don't have to deal with it anymore.

52. Getting explosions of comments in just a couple of minutes.

53. The possibiliy that my choir might be singing Vale Decem this spring.

54. Painting my nails with little Daleks on them.

55. Randomness and hilarious confusion during the word game...

56. Wearing my long, brown, Tenth Doctor-ish coat.

57. This picture:

58. Finding Star Wars t-shirts when shopping...even if they are in the men's section.

59. Singing camp songs.

60. When people like you comment on my posts. (It really means a lot when you tell me what you think...and if you don't have an account, comment anonymously... :) )

61. When the cover for a much-anticipated book is revealed and it's amazing.

62. Movie/TV marathons with friends

63. When I'm cross-examined in Mock Trial, and the attorney can't get me to say anything bad.

64. Shopping for books and finding a lot of great ones.

65. TEA. IS. BAD!!!!

66. This:

67. Stumping the teacher with a question.

68. When the eye doctor says "Don't Blink".

69. Star Wars references.

70. Asking for fish fingers and custard.

71. Wearing cool socks.

73. Skipping numbers randomly.

74. Going the entire weekend without freaking out.

75. Funny faces. Like these:

76. "The prize turkey!"

77. Gren Gablays... ♫ ... Green Goblins...

78. Playing Clue and winning because I am tricky...haha

79. Playing Super Smash Bros.: Brawl

80. Funny signs. Like these:

81. This:

82. "The ____ of Gondor!"

83. My Golden Snitch pendant watch.

84. One does not simply poof into Mordor...

85. Lightsaber fighting.

86. Sperkering lerk thers ernlern. (Speaking like this online...and trying to figure out what other people are saying...)
87. Listening to the TARDIS's hum:

88. Hugging my cat.

89. Grooming horses.

90. The part in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets when they are getting in the car to escape and Riley wants to drive, but he gets in on the wrong side because they are in England...and a whole bunch of other things in the National Treasure movies, too...

91. This:

and this:

okay, that is enough David Tennant...

92. So...Matt Smith...

93. Practising archery.

94. Making an awesome reference and people get it.

95. Going outside for class.

96. Awesome gifs...

97. The Princess Bride...
    "Stop rhyming, I mean it!!"
    "Anybody want a peanut?!"


99. Hermione

100. Completing lists...

101. Randomly adding to lists...

102. Dragons

<-- Me too...*sigh** too...

103. This part in LOTR:

104. Getting letters in the mail

105. Yoda

106. "I can't go to nails are wet!"

107. Trats

108. "I know NOTHING!"

109. *Actually* finishing lists.

Okay...I'm done now...(probably not...but let's just say that I am...)
Thanks, Solace! This was really fun!
And thanks for reading this extremely long post, everyone! Let me know what you think down in that comment box :)


  1. Very fun! :D Lots of great/funny pictures. Love all the Doctor Who things, especially the "are you talking Scottish" scene with David Tennant and Catherine Tate. XD Nice post! :)

  2. i loved your list. i'll have to do one myself. :)

  3. All the pictures and a lot of the other things were great. In fact the whole list was fun. But it makes it question whether those signs actually exist...:)

    1. Haha...I bet they aren't...they're funny, anyway, though

  4. I love this list! :D The pictures are so awesome :D They totally made me smile too. And I'm glad you like Badminton. Thought I was the only one!
    Always <3

    1. Thanks! I do love Badmintion...I was my class champion last year...and I just love to play it for fun! :D

  5. 10 Hours of awesome Doctor Who music: *Challenge Accepted* Like A Time Lord.
    This was fun to read and thanks for the hilarious pictures! :)


    1. Haha! I can't remember how far I have gotten, but definately somewhere around three hours so far...
      Thanks! it was really fun!

  6. Cool List! :) Archery, Mushu and Dragons? Pure Epic Awesomeness!! ;)

  7. Great list!! :D I loved all of the gifs and fandoms references :D