Friday, January 25, 2013

The Hobbit, Scarves, Pictures, and Nerd Week

First, I saw the Hobbit!!! It was soo good!!! I can't wait to see the next one. An Unexpected Journey was really amazing, and they made so much out of way less than half of the book. The end was a major cliff-hanger (for me at least). The only problem that I really had with the movie, though was the troll king. I thought that his character really didn't fit in the story very well.

And, next, I have finished two scarves...nerdy ones, too! :D
The first: 

The second:

Both together:

My second snitch: ♥

Funny pictures:

Finally, I am doing a nerd week next week. it's not an official nerd week, so don't worry about having to participate, but I am going to dress up as a fictional character every day.

Monday: Ahsoka Tano
Tuesday: Hermione Granger
Wednesday: ? (any ideas?)
Thursday: a cowgirl...I'll find some character to be...
Friday: Ravenclaw Quidditch seeker

Wednesday, I have no idea what to do, so ideas are welcome.

I hope you are all not mad at me for not posting in a while...for a long time, I couldn't post pictures for some odd reason...but all is well....



  1. I saw The Hobbit too!!! I can't believe the second part is so far away!
    AHHHH I loved your scarves!! I wish I had the patience to do that stuff lol!
    That picture that says destroy every copy of Twilight...I that someone agrees with me!! Hee hee. ;)
    Have you ever heard of Doctor Who?
    On thursday you could be Jessie! Lol :P
    I'm afraid my mind offers no idea whatsoever for Wednesday. If you're looking to be a Star Wars character, well, I haven't a clue who or what you could be! :)
    I almost did a double take when I saw you posted, I was really excited!! :D

    1. Yes, the Desoltation of Smaug is sooo far away! :( (Not that I'm excited to see the dragon get killed...but I'm definately excited for more of the story...)
      Thanks! I had a lot of fun making them!
      I have never read Twilight, but I do hate it...I know what it is about, though, so I can say that I dislike it...
      Yes, I have heard of Doctor Who, and I seem to be a little obssessed with it, but I have never actually seen it (how that is possible, I have no idea)
      Jessie from Toy Story? I don't like Toy Story much...
      I wasn't looking for a Star Wars character specifically, just a random idea that I would be able to do...
      I'm glad you were excited about my post! :D

  2. I have never seen nor read Twilight either, but I know what it's about too. Ugh! Lol.
    You've never actually seen Doctor Who? Tsk Tsk. It's incredibly awesome!! The episode Blink (fourth season I'm pretty sure) is my all time favorite.
    Well I don't know many cowgirls so I can't wait to see who you come up with!
    Maybe you could be an elf on Wednesday! :P

    1. I will have to look into Doctor Who...a few of my friends are into it, so I guess it's only a matter of time before I get into it too...except I don't watch TV much. And since it's already on Season 4 or whatever, I can't really just jump in...and I don't have Netflix or anything... :P but I'll figure something out.
      I was thinking about being an elf, but I don't really know what to wear, and the costume store near me is being really annoying and they don't have and prosthetic elf ears :P

  3. Ooh I just saw your profile (ha I take quite a bit of time to read them). I love archery too!! I got a bow and real arrows for Christmas and I'm so excited about them.
    Isn't Jessica Day George a great author? I love her sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball as well as the first. I also love the fairy tale on that includes Cinderellis and the Glass Hill and the one about the girl who whenever she spoke, jewels came out of her mouth. :P

    1. Awesome! I started archery at camp a couple years ago, and then for my birthday last year, I got a bow and arrows...I haven't gone out shooting much since, because of the cold weather though :(
      Jessica Day George is amazing! I love readign fairy tale retellings...I have read Princess of Glass, and I have Princess of the Silver Woods (#3), but I haven't read that one yet...
      Have you read the Once Upon a Time series? It has nothing to do with the TV show. The main author is Cameron Dokey. They're AMAZING!!!

  4. Ack, sorry for all the comments, but you play piano too?? And you like acting. And you like The Piano Guys. Gracious. You like so many things that I like too, it's crazy!! :D

    1. Yeah, I kinda play the piano...I basically taught myself. The two pieces I have memorized and can play really well are Fur Elise (probably spelled wrong... :P ) and Across the Stars-from Star Wars: AOTC
      I love the Piano Guys!! And Lindsey Stirling, the violin player who was in their Mission: Impossible video. And Peter Hollens, who has done some stuff with Lindsey....You should go check them out, they're awesome, too!!

      And don't worry, I love comments! :D

  5. Yay!!! I love it!!! :D :D :D C'mon... you have two snitches gimme one!!! <3
    All is well... always :) :D
    Wednesday how about an elf? Or eowyn :) Padme would be nice :)
    At first when I heard what it's about I didn't like it much either, but I read it and it isn't as bad as people claimed. I think you should give it a try :) At least to review it :)

    1. :D Thanks! Right now, I'm making gloves to match the Ravenclaw scarf. And I think I like my snitches too much to give them away :)
      Yes, I was thinking about an elf, but there are some complications (see one of my comments up there ^^^ )Perhaps I can make it work out though...if not, I don't know, maybe I can do something for Padme...

      Well, I don't really want to read Twilight...Not only do I not like vampires, but I don't like romance, probably not...

  6. I saw the Hobbit too! And I agree it was fantastic, my favorite movie of the year. :D So have you seen the other LOTR movies yet?
    On Wednesday you need to be a Hobbit or a Jedi!
    Hilarious pictures, thanks for posting them.


    1. Yes, I did finally see all of the LOTR trilogy! :D they were great!
      I might be a Jedi, or an elf, or Padme...or something...thanks for the ideas, everyone!!

      I'm glad you liked them!