Sunday, March 27, 2011

Soul Surfer - Bethany Hamilton Movie

Soul Surfer comes to theaters nation wide (USA) on April 8th. Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer in Hawaii. A shark bites off her arm while she is surfing, but she continues to do what she loves best and trusts God to help her. Visit to learn about Bethany and to learn about the new movie starring AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany.


  1. I read the book "Soul Surfer" back in middle school. She even talked about the film in the book, and I wondered what was taking them so long. I have an inkling that maybe they started over. lol I'm looking forward to the new film though! I'm going to see it opening day.

  2. I really like the book and loved the movie!I liked the part when she went on the missions trip. Even though she herself was hurting, she wanted to help those in need.

  3. I LOVE THE BOOK AND MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!