Monday, January 10, 2011

Violet Eyes by Debbie Viguie

Violet Eyes by Debbie Viguie
                 A Retelling of "The Princess and the Pea"
195 pages

    During a storm, the prince falls off his horse in Violet's family's field. While Violet helps heal the prince, they become friends. Prince Richard tells Violet that his parents are holding a contest for all the princesses in the world to find out which one is a true princess so he can marry her. Violet wishes to compete in the contest, but she is only a peasant.
     Violet decides to enter the contest anyway. Will Violet be able to win, or will Prince Richard be forced to marry one of the proud, arrogant, and terrible princesses that have come for the contest as well?

     Violet realized that the room had grown quiet as everyone stopped talking. She could feel that all eyes were on her.
    The king cleared his throat. "So, we have you to thank for the safe return of our son?" he asked.
    Violet glanced at Richard, who was nodding his head. She hadn't been the only one to care for the prince. Her parents and Father Paul had aided him as well. Still, from the look in Richard's eyes she could tell this was no time for her to be humble. "Yes," Violet said.
    "My dear, we owe a debt of gratitude to your family for caring for our son while he was ill. We would like to reward you. However, only a princess can enter the competition," the king said, his voice still gentle.
    "And a princess before you," Violet said, raising her chin."

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