Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eye of the Oracle by Bryan Davis

Eye of the Oracle by Bryan Davis
609 pages
     Dragons have been helping humans throughout all of time. Makaidos helps protect Noah and his ark from the evil Watchers. Years after, he and his family help King Arthur battle the Saxons. Later, the dragons are not safe, so they disguise themselves as humans. There children are both dragon and human.Follow the dragons fight  between good and evil from the creation of man to present times.
     Meanwhile, Mara, an underborn slave, works in the dark caves under the earth to create an army of giants. She slaves under the harsh rule of Morgan, an evil sorceress. Starting from the time of Noah and the ark to present times, this prequel to the series Dragons in Our Midst reveals all the secrets.

Next book: Enoch's Ghost

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  1. I absolutely love the Oracles of Fire series! It's beautifully complex and full of characters that I adore!