Monday, August 29, 2011

Exile by Anne Osterlund

Exile by Anne Osterlund
295 pages
Price: Paperback-$8.99 U.S./$10.50 CAN

    Aurelia has survived tons of assassination attempts and is now on an expedition with her best friend, Robert, to see her country and meet her people. But Aurelia is still not safe. One night, her royal guard tries to kill her by burning her tent. She and Robert escape and flees across the country to the frontier.
    But Aurelia is not the only one in danger. Will Aurelia and Robert be safe at Roberts home? Will the king be safe in the castle with an assassin?

How could he think of leaving without telling me? Aurelia tried to say the words aloud to Daria, and they came out, "How could he leave without me?"
    "Do you want to go?"
    "Yes." Well, there it was. The truth.
    "Then go." Daria crossed the room and opened the wardrobe. "Just"-she paused-"don't hurt him, Aurelia."
    Hurt him? Aurelia felt numb. "What do you mean?"
    Her friend returned from the wardrobe with wool stockings and Aurelia's battered riding boots. She did not release them. "You must know."
    Know what? "Daria." Aurelia's tone was threatening.
    "He's in love with you."
    The world stopped. For one long, outrageous moment, Aurelia let herself consider the statement. He had kissed her. Once. And saved her life. More than once.
    But the idea that he could be in love with her did not-could not be true. "That's nonsense." She had tried to let Robert know she wanted to spend time alone with him on the way to Sterling. And he had rejected her. He was still rejecting her.
    Daria habded her the stockings. "Honestly, Aurelia. There's nothing wrong with being in love."
    Aurelia was not at all certain of that.
                                                                                               ~Exile by Anne Osterlund

*Book 2*
Previous book: Aurelia

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