Monday, December 19, 2011

The Battle for Skandia by John Flanagan

The Battle for Skandia by John Flanagan
294 pages

    Will and Evanlyn are close to escaping the northern lands when Evanlyn is kidnapped. Halt and Horace rescue them just in time, but they suspect something big behind the kidnapping. With further investigation, they see that the Temujai's are planning on attacking Skandia, and then Araluen.
    Only an alliance with the Skandians will save both countries, but will it work? What about the Oberjarl's vow to kill Evanlyn?

 As she pushed her way through the snow-laden bushes, becoming wetter and wetter in the process, she felt a surge of pleasure. The first snare in the line held the body of a small ground-foraging bird. Evanlyn smiled grimly as she thought how once she might have objected to the cruelty of the bird's death. Now, all she felt was a sense of satisfaction as she realized that they would eat well today.
    Amazing how an emty belly could change your perspective, she thought, removing the noose from the bird's neck and stuffing the small carcass in her makeshift game bag. She reset the snare, sprinkling a few seeds of corn on the ground beyond it, then rose to her feet, frowning in annoyance as she realized that the melting snow had left two wet patches on her knees as she'd crouched.
    Evanlyn sensed, rather than heard, the movement in the trees behind her and began to turn.
    Before she could move, she felt an iron grip around her throat, and as she gasped in fright, a fur-gloved hand, smelling vilely of smoke, clapped over her mouth and nose, cutting off her cry for help.

**Book four in Ranger's Apprentice**
Previous book: The Icebound Land
Next book: The Sorcerer of the North

Book 4: Oakleaf Bearers Australian Cover

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