Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wolf Storm by Dee Garretson

Wolf Storm by Dee Garretson
275 pages

    Stefan is starring in his first movie, called "Wolf Storm". He is very excited, but not as excited as he could be because his co-star, Raine, is a bit stuck-up. And when they begin to shoot the film, Stefan keeps messing up, and then the director yells at him. But he still thinks it is cool to be the star of a movie, especially one with trained wolves.
    Soon, things begin to go wrong, really wrong. Stefan, Raine, and Jeremy-the other co-star-hear strange noises in the attic and howling at night. There is a big blizzard ande they are the only ones in the lodge except for Cecil, the elderly actor playing their grandfather. When the go out to rescue the trained wolfs, an avalanch hits the lodge, almost killing all of them. They find Cecil, but he is sick and needs help. Can they survive?

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