Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Voice for Kanzas by Debra McArthur

A Voice for Kanzas by Debra McArthur
367 pages

    Thirteen-year-old Lucy Thomkins loves writing poetry, and has many hopes and dreams for her life. These dreams are nearly shattered when her father anounces they will be moving to Kansas Territory. Lucy tries to see it as an adventure, but she is too disappointed. The only thing she enjoys is school, and when a new teacher arrives, Lucy is thrilled to hear that Miss Kellogg loves poetry as well. Miss Kellogg encourages Lucy to find out what her poetry is trying to say. Lucy thinks that the purpose is to get her father and the men to realize that guns are not the answer to Kansas' problems, but Miss Kellogg challenges her to think beyond that.
     When Lucy discovers that her new friend is part of a group that is harbouring runaway slaves, Lucy realizes what the true struggle is. Can Lucy and her new friends make a difference in Kansas? Can Lucy get her voice heard?

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