Sunday, June 24, 2012

Masters and Slayers by Bryan Davis

Masters and Slayers by Bryan Davis
415 pages

    Adrian Masters is one of the few people who believe in the exisence of the dragon world, Dracon. In fact, he knows that it exists: his brother went there and sent a message back. The ledgends say that a hundred years ago, a dragon took a bunch of humans captive back to Dracon. Adrian is determined to find the Lost Ones, and his brother, and bring them home.
    Marcelle also believes in the dragon world, but many otheres don't, and since she is a noble's daughter, it is hard for her to express her beliefs. But like Adrian, she is determined to rescue the captives. The two team up with the Starlighter Cassabrie, from the dragon planet, but will they be able to free the slaves from the dragons?

**Book 1 in Tales of Starlight**
Next book: The Third Starlighter

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