Sunday, August 4, 2013

update...sort of...maybe a good bye... *sadness*

One would think summer = more posting...
haha, not here... :P

Anyway, I have not posted for SO LONG....and I'm really sorry. Although, it does seem as though no one reads my posts anymore..
I have been busy, though....I went to Comic Con near my house and I was Rose Lalonde from Homestuck. And I had SO MUCH FUN!!!
Also got to Eleven in Doctor Who...which reminds me....

^That is Twelve....
Since I just reached Season 5, I just want David Tennant back..but I am sure Matt is really great, and Peter will be, too. (and no, I am not a David Tennany fangirl, I just love his part as the Doctor)

Working on so many cosplays and stuff...I wish I could talk about them all here, but I feel like I don't have the time....AND idk if anyone reads my stuff anymore... :(

So...if you do read this please let me know...I miss hearing from you guys...

And if you want to "visit me", you can here here and here. Also, please check out my friend's Youtube Channel here. you don't get confused...I am changing my name here one last time to Elf, since the majority of my internet friends call me that...


  1. Glad you had a good time at the con! It sounds like a lot of fun. :) I felt the same way on Season 5 - I loved David Tennant so much and it took a while to adjust to Matt (though I really like him now). If you do have time, I'd love to hear about your cosplays! :D It's exciting even if I don't know the character. And you're on tumblr? Following! I'm arda-ancalima there.

    1. Yeah, I'll talk about the cosplays sometime if you want :)
      Glad my blog isn't completely dead lol

      Yeah, tumblr is new to me, but I am following you now too. no one really knows I have ;)

  2. Overall, I am happy with this choice; it could have been much worse. I Liked for Facebook pages, followed your Tumblr, and subscribed on YouTube. :)


    1. It's sad for me...I don't want this blog to die..
      But, thanks for liking ^_^ and following me :D
      And the Youtube channel is a friend's, not really mine, but I post videos on it.

    2. If you continue posting, I will continue reading and commenting, especially if it is about LOTR, Star Wars, Doctor Who, or anything about the fandoms I like. :)


  3. I read your blog every time you post! I never miss out!

    I am soooo jealous you got to go to Comic Con :p I want to go some year.

    Yeah I heard about Twelve! Eleven is my favorite so far, because he's just so fun and goofy. (I hated him at first, grew used to him, and I'm not an Eleven fangirly but i love him) But I am so glad it's not a girl for Twelve, and i think it's good that they're not going to continue to use young people all the time for the Doctor--I mean, he used to be old, so it's nice to switch it up.

    Don't let your blog diiiieee!!! I like your blog!

    1. :)
      Comic Con was so much fun! If you get a chance, definitely go to one!

      I'm still getting used to 11 lol, but he is really funny. I laughed SO HARD when he was spitting out all his food in the Eleventh Hour! I'm glad the Doctor is a man, too. I REALLY don't think a woman would work....i'm not sexist or anything, but....I mean, think about it...

      Aww! I'll try to keep posting!