Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Storm Siren by Mary Weber

*throws book across the room*

Let me start over properly. (And yes, I threw the book)

Title: Storm Siren
Author: Mary Weber
Series: Storm Siren Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
My Rating: 5 Stars

Somehow, this book brought me back to when I used to really enjoy reading fantasy books-when they drew me in and I was thrilled by the fantasy action and the characters. It's been a while, and I was so surprised that a book finally did this for me again.

Nymia is scared. She's supposed to be dead by law since she is an Elemental, not to mention she's a female Elemental so she shouldn't even exist. And on top of that, she hasno idea how to control her powers. Lady Adora buys her as a slave and then has her secretly trained with a boy named Colin to use their powers to fight for the kingdom. Nymia hopes she can truly learn to control her powers, but that is not the only thing she begins to learn. It is also important for her to figure out who she can truly trust.

Sexual content: Lady Adora has a "harem" of men, thought nothing else is really mentioned about it. A few kisses. Adora is said to be obsessed with having Eogan for herself. Nymia desires Eogan to touch her (not in an inappropriate way though)

Swearing: I don't think there were any real world swear words in this book, though there were two or three that the author made up for the world she created. They didn't really all make much sense, however...

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