Sunday, February 5, 2012

Slayers by C. J. Hill

Slayers by C. J. Hill
373 pages
    Tori, the daughter of a U.S. senator is obsessed with dragons. She doesn't know why, but she reads all she can about them and one summer she signs up for dragon camp. When she gets, there, it is nothing like she thought it would be: a clean camp like the ones she had been to before. Her older sister tells her that she won't be able to stay. Determined to prove her wrong, Tori stays.
    She soon finds herself in the advanced part of the camp with a group of teens who call them selves slayers, saying they are descendants from the original dragon slayers. They tell Tori that she is a slayer, too. Not sure if they are right, Tori is caught up in a quest to find and destroy the last dragon eggs before they destroy the country. Will they be brave enough?

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