Monday, March 5, 2012

Double Take by Melody Carlson

Double Take by Melody Carlson
271 pages

    Madison Van Buren is tired of her life. On break, her mother wants her to go to Italy with her grandmother, her father wants her to visit a different college than she is planning on attending, her best friend wants her to come to Florida, and her boyfriend wants her with him. Annoyed, she runs away.
    Amish Anna Fisher is bored with her families plain ways and want to taste the real world. When she finds out that her mother is sending her to her aunt's house across town to babysit for a month, she is furious.
    Both girls meet in town and find that they look remarkably alike. They decide to trade lives for the week. But they soon realize that each other's lives are very different. Can they survive opposite cultures? Will this switch bring them more harm than good?

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