Saturday, March 24, 2012

Firefight by Alex Wheeler

Firefight by Alex Wheeler
153 pages

    X-7 still has not caught Luke. Determined not to completely fail, he hires six of the best pilots to kill Luke. When Luke and his fighter group are attacked by the pilots, they are in big trouble.
    But even worse, as they fight, their ships are all pulled into Kamino's atmosphere and crash land. Luke and Han are forced to work with one of the enemy pilots, Div, in order to escape.
   Escape is a lot harder when they discover that there is a giant sea monster (or two or three) living in the sea that wants to eat them. One of the Empires evil creations, the monster is hard to evade. Can they get off Kamino in time?

**Book 4 in Rebel Force**
Previous book: Renegade
Next book: Trapped

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