Saturday, September 1, 2012

Songs that give me the "excited chills"

Star Wars Main Title by John Williams

Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore

Manifesto by The City Harmonic

The Raider's March by John Williams

He's a Pirate by Hans Zimmer

The Battle by Harry Gregson-Williams

The Spirit of the Season by Alan Silvestri

Duel of the Fates by John Williams
What songs get you excited?


  1. awesome picks for songs. some of these songs i've heard on my pandora but never put the title to the song. :)

  2. Anything Star Wars gets me real excited, especially "Duel of the Fates" and "Imperial March". Other songs that get me pumped are:
    "This Means War" - Nickelback
    "Wretches and Kings" - Linkin Park
    "Abraham's Daughter" - The Hunger Games
    "I am Not a Hero" The Dark Knight

  3. Pirates of the Carribean, Star Wars, and LOTR ones I know and love :) The others... not yet :P Yep, duel of the fates really gave me that goose bump feeling.