Thursday, October 15, 2015

Charming Selene by Dee King

Title: Charming Selene
Author: Dee King
Series: The Charming Series
Genre: Fantasy
My Rating: 1 Star

The writing in this book is pretty terrible, and so is the story. I'm not big into dumb romance stories where all the characters care about is hooking up with someone they are obsessed with, but since this book was free on Amazon for a few days, I decided I'd give it a try.
Honestly, Dee King desperately needs an editor. A better one, anyway. The issue might partially be because of how Kindle books are formatted, but the grammar, punctuation, and writing style are horrendous. The story could probabaly be enjoyable if it was written better, but all I can do while reading it is mentally rewrite it and pretend someday I will get the privilege of editing.
Selene is obsessed  with Alex. And she hates Sebastian. But then she agrees to go to Sebastian's house for the party he is hosting and doesn't seem to care much when Alex starts paying attention to her.
Then at the party, things get really weird, and Selene think she has been drugged. Alex, Sebastian, and Cali keep telling her things that don't make sense - things about her being some sort of goddess or "migades." I don't know what that is supposed to mean, but since this is a fantasy novel, I assumed that it would be made at least somewhat clean soon, since it seems to be a huge part of the story. But it's not. The connection or distinction between gods/goddesses and whatever this "migades" thing is has not been explained, though Mount Olympus was mentioned. Since I didn't recognize the term "migades" from my brie studies of Greek Mythology, I looked up the word. But "migades" is apparently not even a word anywhere on the internet.
I don't want to stop reading this book because Dee King is an independent author and I want to support her, but I don't know if I can force myself through the rest of it...

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