Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Becoming Darkness by Lindsay Frances Brambles

My rating: 3 stars

In an alternate history, the Allies did not win World War II. Hitler wins, but mostly because of the creation of a virus that does one of three things to humans-kills them, turns them into vampires, or does nothing (if you are immune). A small colony of Immunes is all that is left of humanity, as Hitler and his Nazi vampires rule the earth. Sophie is an Immune living in Haven and after the murder of her best friend, she realizes that the world is not what the people of Haven have been led to believe it is-there is a dark secret guarded from the citizens, and Sophie is determined to figure out the truth and expose the lies.

In the beginning, the narration jumps around between past and present and I found it kind of confusing (though I might have been able to follow it better if it was a physical copy of the book instead of an ebook that I read).

Sophie is 17, and in love with a vampire-who is definitely not 17 since he is immortal. Val is different from most of the other vampires, though, and he loves her back. But it's still weird. There are implications that they have sex-sometimes in the back of a limo. [ And of course since Sophie is pregnant at the end, the obviously had sex sometime. I mean I think. Could have been a virgin birth since this wasn't explained AT ALL. Which is a huge thing I had a problem with. This really needed to be explained more... 

This story was a great concept, and I really liked it, but I think it could have been shorter with more explanation to what was going on...and it ended in a way that SHOULD produce a sequel, but I guess we will have to wait and find out...

*I received this book as a free ebook galley from the publisher in return for my honest review

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