Friday, October 14, 2011

The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson

The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson
311 pages

    Aidan Thomas is miserable. He just moved to another state away from his best friend because his parents wanted to help his grandfather. Looking for adventure, Aidan comes across three scrolls in the basement of his grandfather's house. They contain a beautiful story of love and betrayal from a fantasy world. His parents tell him that is is The Story, a common book that can be bought at any bookstore. But could the story be true?
    Aidan's grandfather tells him that the story is true and if he trusts and believes, he can 'enter through the door within.' Aidan finds this to be true and ends up in The Realm. There, the traitor, Paragor, is trying to take over the kingdom and defeat the true king. Can Aidan and his new friends find allies and win the battle?

**Book 1 in The Door Within Trilogy**
Next book: Rise of the Wyrm Lord

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