Sunday, October 9, 2011

Warrior by Bryan Davis

Warrior by Bryan Davis
421 pages

    The Dragon Prince has hatched, and as prophesied, is handicapped-he is lacking sight. Now, more than ever, he need Koren, a Starlighter. But Koren, having been a slave and then a prisoner of the Dragon Prince, wants to be free. She knows that there is freedom in the Creator's love and longs for that. So she escapes. But will she be able to help her fellow slaves?
    Jason Masters, a young man Major Four, has come to Starlight to free the dragons' slaves. He soon meets up with Koren and together they journey to the Northlands to find the injured star, Exodus. If they can get Exodus to rise again, then the dragons will have no reason to keep the humans as slaves. But with so many against them, can they succeed?

**Book 2 in Dragons of Starlight**
Previous book: Starlighter
Next book: Diviner

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