Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Hunters by John Flanagan

The Hunters by John Flanagan
403 pages

    The Herons have again failed. Before, they were given the simple task of guarding the Skandians' most prized treasure, the Andomal, but it was stolen. They chased the pirates who took it across the sea to the village of Limmat. At Limmat, they saved the people from the pirates, but failed to capture the lead pirate, Zavac. Now, Hal and the rest of them arer determined to catch him and return home.
    Following the information given to them by one of the captured pirates, they set off again on a trail of clues to find Zavac and regain the Andomal. But they will have to face him in a final battle, and one of them will have to meet their end.

**Book 3 in Brotherband Chronicles**
Previous book: The Invaders

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