Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Freak-Out Before the Total Obssession

    If you know me at all-whether in real life, or just from reading my blogs-you know that I am a nerd. I love to read, and I love nerdy movies and stuff like that (just not Star Trek. Nope!).

See, even he thinks Star Wars is better!

And you also know that I frequently get obsessed with things. My first major obsession was Star Wars (and I'm still obsessed), and then I got into The Lord of the Rings. And books, well I've been obsessed with reading ever since I was really little.
    But now, I have been following/liking a lot of nerdy Facebook pages (Cupcakes to Lightsabers is an awesome one, and don't forget to like mine, When You Compare Your Life to Your Fandoms...) that have been posting a lot of Doctor Who references. So that, and the fact that some of my friends are into it, has made me interested. I mean, an awesome time-travel show from Britain? Who doesn't want to watch it? So I quickly decided that I need to start watching. Now, this will be quite difficult for two reasons. 1.) It is already in the 7th season or something like that and 2.) I don't watch much TV.
   But nevertheless, I made plans to start, and Saturday I will begin watching it. (JUST TWO DAYS AWAY!!!) As you can probably tell, I can't wait. Another fandom to add to my list, another nerd thing to obsess over. :D And I will finally understand all those references on Facebook! Yay!
So Her Universe is not just a way to get Star Wars stuff anymore...the have Doctor Who stuff, too. And I just found out that Hot Topic has awesome nerdy stuff, including Her Universe's DW stuff.
    So now, you now...I am a Star Wars fan, a LOTR fan, a book nerd, and soon I will be a Whovian! So it is very likely that next time I post here, I will be totally obsessed...more than I am right now. Don't ask how I can be obsessed if I haven't seen it, I just am :P

And I am not ashamed of my nerdy-ness:

If you do have a problem, then too bad, 'cause I don't care what you think of me...

Good advice! Hopefully some day I will be able to completely be my true nerdy self without any shame...

Also, tomorrow, I will be finishing my week of costuming and I will be a Ravenclaw Quidditch Seeker...I am almost done with my gloves...I will try to post pictures sometime...And I will hopefully doing some more music video posts soon (do you guys enjoy those?)

Lastly, there is apparently a tumblr thing that has pictures called "Nerd Girl Problems" (I don't have a tumblr in case you were wondering...i don't even really know what it is...). Would you guys be interested if I made a page on this blog completely deticated to listing all 450+ Nerd Girl Problems? Some of them are hilarious and totally true, and I really want to share them all with you guys...


  1. That's great! Hope you like the series because I love it! :)
    I "Liked" your Facebook page.
    "Of crouse Star Wars is better than Star Trek" is a hilarious.


    1. I'm sure I will love Doctor fact, I kinda already do...
      Thanks for liking the page :D

  2. I agree to everything in this post. hahahaha. I just got into Doctor Who too! yay!

  3. I'm with Faith!!! I looked through all the Nerd Girl Problems and most apply to me. Except that I'm not full scale nerd :P I like shopping sometimes... I don't wear glasses... but of course I like being fangirly :)

    1. Yeah, not all the Nerd Girl Problems apply to me...but a lot of the do...and being fangirly is fun! :D

  4. Hey! :) I awarded you at my blog: :D

    1. Thanks! I'll check it out and then do the questions and stuff ASAP :D

  5. YOU have to put all the nerd girl problems online.