Thursday, July 21, 2011

Belladonna by Mary Finn

Belladonna by Mary Finn
367 pages
Price: Hardcover-$16.99 U.S./$19.00Canada

    When Thomas Rose meets Ling, a former circus performer, she tells him all kinds of stories about the circus. But she is not in the town to tell stories. She is looking for her hourse, Belladonna. She used to dance on the white horse when she was in the circus, but the circus master has sold her. When Ling finds out that she might have been sold to the horse anatomist, George Stubbs, she is worried.
    With the help of Thomas and Stubbs, Ling finds Belladonna. The horse now belongs to a Lady and her son. Ling is glad to have found her horse, but is this what she wants-to see her beautiful Belladonna being ridden by someone else?

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