Friday, July 22, 2011

Secrets of Tamarind by Nadia Aguiar

Secrets of Tamarind by Nadia Aguiar
365 pages
Price: Hardcover- $16.99 U.S./$19.50 Canada

    Four years have passed since the Nelson children returned from the island of Tamarind. Simon, now thirteen, wants to hhelp stop the Red Coral Project, the group that wants Tamarind's secret and magical mineral, but he knows his parents are keeping secrets from him. One night, Helix secretly tells them that he is going back to Tamarind. Simon, Maya, now sixteen, and their young sister, Penny, sneek off to Tamarind with Helix.
    Once there, the four children are taken prisoner. When they escape, Maya Simon and Penny realize that the Red Coral Project has already found the island. Simon must gather the secrets that can help save the island from destruction. If he fails, the island and all its inhabitants will die.

Previous book: The Lost Island of Tamarind

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