Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dragon Castle by Joseph Bruchac

Dragon Castle by Joseph Bruchac
333 pages
Price: Hardcover-$16.99 U.S./$19.50 Canada

    Prince Rashko's parents, the king and queen, are missing. When Rashko finds an enchanted invitation in their room that says they are invited to a party, he knows something strange is going on. Soon after, the evil Baron Temny arives at the castle gate saying that his parents invited him to stay as long as he wanted. He also tells Rashko that his daughter is to marry Paulek, Rashko's older brother. Paulek quikly falls under their spell, but Rashko is not so easily deceived. With the help of his friends, the prince discovers the legend of Prince Pavol, a dragon, and the history of the castle. Untangling the secrets of Dragon Castle might be the only way to save his family and the kingdom from the Baron.

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